Book Notations 21, Theresa Sauer

        NOTATIONS 21

Editor: Theresa Sauer

Publisher: Mark Batty Publisher
Year: 2009
Lenguage: English

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* Notations 21 presents musical scores from more than 100 composers from around the world which reflects the impressive progress being made in the art of music notation. These visual pieces of spectacular beauty and fascinating creativity are not only music but also inspiring visual art.

Score by Edson Zampronha included:
Evolon, for ensemble (excerpt).

Other scores included:
Carl Bergstrom-Neilson, Daniel Goode, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Malcolm Goldstein, Herbert Brun, Joan La Barbara, Halim El Dabh, Earle Brown, Barry Guy, Philip Corner, Stuart Saunders Smith, Judith Zaimont, Raven Chacon, David Rosenboom, Leon Schidlowsky, Philip Corner and many others.