Jeito Barileiro, Andrew Smith

Creativity, what is it, how they have developed if and what you can learn.

Editor: Andrew Smith
Publisher: Editora Saraiva
Year: 2008
Language: Portuguese

To purchase: Libreria Saraiva

* The British Andrew Smith has fallen in love for Brazil. In his new book Andrew presents 39 of the most interesting minds from Brazil taking about creativity.

Actors, scientists, soccer players, carnival producers, advertising executives, musicians, painters, sportsmen, writers, interior designer, chefs, graphic artists, movie directors, designers, show the widespread panorama of Brazilian creativity in action.

Here Zampronha reveals to the reader how he has developed his creativity, how he relates with it, how he uses it in his compositional process, how he become a musician and how a musical work can be creatively constructed today.

That’s not all. This very interesting book also includes the voices of Gilberto Mendes, Tom Zé, Livio Tragtenberg, Gal Costa, Flávio Gikovate, Washington Olivetto, Lars Grael, Denise Fraga, Fernando Meirelles, Nenê da Vila Matilde, Rubem Alves, Zico and many others.