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 CD Modelagens



* A colecction of works by Zampronha performed by brilliant performers                              
Composer: Edson Zampronha
Year: 2003

1. Modelagem XIII - Sinfonía Cultura Orchestra (Lutero Rodrigues, dir.)
2. Modelagem II - Piano (Beatriz Balzi)
3. O Crescimento da Árvore sobre a Montanha (The Grouth of a Tree on a Mountain) - Electroacoustic
4. Modelagem III - Flute (Celina Charlier)
5. Mármore (Marble) - Tuba (Jesús Jara) and Electroacoustics
6. Modelagem VIII - Percussion (Eduardo Gianesella) and computer
2. Fragmentation - Electroacoustics

* Enter into the body of sounds and discover a new world of interactions with listening.
* Sound is a plastic material plenty of emotions.